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Hi again...

It's good to be back and with a new look!


We've stripped the site down to just the important things. Which means that you'll find even more info on our services, a new wait list feature and a whole FAQs page. 

We hope you enjoy the latest tweaks! 

So What's New?

Wait List

IYKYK we take our waitlist seriously. Now, you'll be instantly added after filling out the WL form - just wait for our call. Disclaimer: it's not guaranteed! But we do try. 

More Info

We're not your average salon so we spent a little time breaking down the hows and whys. You can read more about us here & compare our services here.

New categories

Treatment categories have been renamed to match each nail system when booking! Looking for builder gel treatments? It'll all be under said tab. Just make sure you've selected the right treatment. 

Got a question?

Find the answers on our new FAQs page. Let us know if your query remains unanswered and we'll add it to the page (and answer your question ofc). 

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