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We're a salon that is proud to offer only safe, friendly options for your nails and lashes. This page will give you a full breakdown of each system to help you to decide the best treatment for you. 


Regular Polish

Product Type: Lacquer

Feel: Barely there

Finish: Regular top coat

Setting method: 15min air-dry (touch-dry, not completely dry)

Lasts: approx. 2/3 days

Ideal for: quick fix, one-off event

Advantage: Quick treatment, easy removal 

Extension: No

Add-on Options: Stickers - on request only 


Gel Polish

Product type: Soft gel applied in thin layers

Feel: Thin, nails remain flexible

Finish: Gel top coat

Setting method: LED lamp cure

Lasts: up to 2 weeks

Ideal for: those with fairly strong, healthy nails 

Advantage: Easy colour match with regular polish but lasts and shines for longer than regular polish does. 

Extension: No

Infills/ New Set: New set each time

Add-on Options: Rubber Base Coat (adds more strength), Design - on request only


Builder Gel

Product Type: Soft gel that is sculpted on the natural nail 

Feel: Tough & sturdy 

Finish: Gel top coat

Setting method: LED lamp cure

Lasts: approx. 2-3 wks

Ideal for: those who want to grow their nails and those who need their set to last longer

Advantage: allows growth of natural nails, longer-lasting product 

Extension: No

​Infills/ New Set: approx. 2 x infills before soak off and fresh set

Add-on Options: Design - on request only


SNS Dipping Powder

Product Type: Powder. Nails are dipped multiple times to add strength in layers. 

Feel: Solid, tough 

Finish: SNS Top Coat or Gel top coat

Setting method: 5 min Air dry (SNS Top Coat) LED instant cure (Gel Top Coat)

Lasts: approx. 2-3 weeks

Ideal for: Anyone with thin or peeling nails. Also ideal if you're looking for a nail health boost post-acrylics. 

Advantage: Treats natural nail bed with fortified Vitamin E and Calcium. 

Extension: Optional

Infills/ New Set: Soak off and new set each time

Add-on Options: Design - on request only


Apres Gel-X

Product Type: Soft gel extensions that are cured onto the entire nail bed, not just the tips

Feel: Strong but not heavy. Light and natural. 

Finish: Gel top coat

Setting method: LED lamp cure

Lasts: approx. 3-4 wks

Ideal for: those who want to lengthen without damaging their natural nails. Good for allowing short or bitten nails to grow out underneath - you can then remove them and opt for a different treatment if length is no longer needed. 

Advantage: Perfectly uniform nails with no damage from electric filing. 

Extension: Yes

Infills/ New Set: Soak off and new set each time

Add-on Options: Design - on request only


Eyelash Lift

Treatment Process: Using 2x solutions to lift the naturals for increased length. Mimics the result of using an eyelash curler but lasts so much longer (and looks better!)

Options: With/ without tint

Advantage: Low, easy maintenance. Eyes look more open and produces a naturally 'radiant' look.

Maintenance: 6-8 wks until the next lift is recommended. 

Ideal for: lashes that grow downwards/straight/in different directions. Also ideal for those who don't have the time for regular maintenance.


Eyelash Extensions

Treatment Process: Applying individual false eyelashes to client's individual lashes to add volume, thickness or length

Options: Classic, Hybrid, Volume

Advantage: Instant enhancement to eyes, wide variety of styles for different result.

Maintenance: 2-3 wks

Ideal for: (but not limited to) holidays, special occasions, shaving time off of your daily routine. 

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